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What to expect from our systems change and key dates

21 February 2023, 11:24 AM


What to expect from our systems change and key dates:

Our systems switch to the Amadeus Altéa Passenger Service System (PSS) is two weeks away on 8 and 9 March 2023. 


Below you’ll find a useful guide to explain what will happen during that time and how you can help your customers. Thank you for your patience ahead of the switch and please do take the time to read this carefully.


Once the switch starts at 6pm Abu Dhabi local time on 8 March:

All our systems, including our reservation systems and mobile app will go offline. It won't be possible to book or amend any existing bookings online or through Etihad’s contact centres. Any action taken by you, our trade partners, during the change will not be immediately processed by Etihad and will instead be placed in queue for processing once we resume operations on the Amadeus Altéa PSS.


Etihad flights will continue to operate as scheduled as well as our airport services. 


We expect that travel agents and our contact centres will be able to access our systems again between 9am and midday Abu Dhabi local time on 9 March.


Here's what to expect during the systems switch and after it's completed. 


Before the switch:

Online check-in will not be available from:


  • 25 February to 12 March - for departures from DEL, MCT, SIN and ZRH.
  • 2 March to 12 March - for departures from global airports, excluding Abu Dhabi.
  • 4 March to 12 March - for all airports.


There are several things you can do to help us ensure a smooth switch to Amadeus Altéa PSS:


  1. Add your customers’ information to their booking, including their passport, email and phone number.
  2. Book special requests, such as excess baggage, meals, bassinets, wheelchair assistance (WCHC), coach and chauffeur as early as possible. 
  3. Pre-book your customers’ seats up to 72 hours before their flight departure.  
  4. Action any PNRs that require ticket reissuance to ensure that e-tickets remain associated to migrated PNRs in Amadeus Altéa PSS prior to 8 March .
  5. Issue or exchange any e-tickets, EMDs and make upgrade requests for your customers as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience during the systems switch.



After the switch:

Once all PNRs have been migrated to Amadeus Altéa PSS and the switch is complete, we will be operating our reservations, inventory and ticketing system directly from the new system. The following activities will then take place:


A new record locator message for each of your PNRs will be generated to your GDS from Amadeus Altéa PSS:



  • If your GDS is Amadeus or if the PNR already contains a flight segment on another Amadeus Altéa PSS-hosted carrier, the existing locator will be used.
  • If your GDS is not Amadeus and the PNR contains only Etihad Airways flight segments, then a new Amadeus Altéa PSS locator will be generated.
  • If the PNR contains EY segments and also flight segments of non-Amadeus Altéa PSS airlines, a new locator will be generated.
  • Depending on your GDS, PNRs with the updated locator may appear in your confirmation queue. 


Your customers can check in with either the Amadeus or Sabre PNR, both will work automatically.


Please bear with us as you may not have the seamless experience that you usually enjoy with us. Our teams are ready to help minimise any disruptions that may occur during this time.  


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