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Re-time of Dhaka (DAC) services EY240 - EY 245

08 February 2023, 09:30 AM


Re-time of our Dhaka flights due to runway closure:


Due to a runway closure in Dhaka, we have been required to make some timing changes to services EY240-EY245 to and from Dhaka, Bangladesh. In some cases, guests transiting through Abu Dhabi will experience a longer transit time if they are travelling any time before 2 April 2023 (subject to regulatory approvals).


Subject to a valid visa, guests will be eligible for complimentary accommodation:


Agents can request complimentary accommodation through our Transit Connect policy, details available within the EtihadHub policy library. Guests who for any reason were unable to request this accomodation pre-travel will be assisted by our Transit Desk staff in Abu Dhabi, subject to valid visas for the duration of their stopover transit period.


We kindly request guests with an overnight stay to apply for a 48-hour Transit Visa before starting their journey to avoid longer waiting time at AUH.


If booked guests wish to change their booking:


In this case our standard schedule change policy would apply.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused. This change has arisen due to circumstances beyond our control and our teams are working hard to minimise disruption for you and your customers.