The World Health Organization has designated the Covid-19 virus outbreak as a pandemic. In response to this issue, extensive measures have been introduced globally to help limit the spread of the virus. In line with this, Etihad Airways has introduced operational changes and commercial policies to support travellers.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus/Corona virus) related content


From 1 June 2019, changes will be made to the IATA Resolution 735d policy which governs Involuntary Change of Carrier, Routing, Class or Type of Fare. The main changes are:


·         Resolution 735d only applies when the circumstance that results in an involuntary reroute occurs a maximum of one day before the scheduled departure time of the first impacted flight. 


·         A change to the passenger’s itinerary as originally ticketed may involve a change to the routing, arrival or departure dates or times, or carriers. Resolution 735d may apply even if there is no change in carrier.


·         Upgrading to a higher cabin class shall not occur unless specifically permitted by the New Operating Carrier as bilaterally agreed with the Original Operating Carrier


·         The characters ‘INVOL’ must be used in the first five characters of the endorsement/restriction area of the reissued document only where an Involuntary Reroute has occurred. The characters ‘INVOL’ shall not be used in the endorsement area of the reissued document in any other circumstances such as schedule changes.


·         Where an Original Operating Carrier obtains inventory from a New Operating Carrier as described in Resolution 735d, the New Operating Carrier should accept and transport the customer, provided that the bilaterally agreed booking method has been used for obtaining inventory.



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Involuntary Flight Changes FAQ



Etihad Airways Commercial Waivers


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12. Commercial Waiver for FlyBe (BE) service cancellation 

13. Commercial Waiver for COVID-19 - Novel Coronavirus (Corona)

14. Etihad Credit


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Here is the reservation and ticketing procedure that you should follow when you need to make a name correction.


There are a number of reasons why you may need to update or change a name. For example, a guest has provided a different name to that shown on their passport, your guest has got married and changed their surname, or the spelling of their name was misunderstood by the booking agent.




1.       Title amendments, juxtaposing/rearranging surname/first name and name corrections due to genuine typing errors (up to three characters) are accepted free of charge.

2.      Any other correction will incur a fee of US $100 or equivalent (AU $150 for point of sale Australia).

3.      The request must be for the same guest on the ticket.

4.      Only one change is permitted.

5.      A name correction is not permitted on an un-ticketed booking. A new booking in the available booking class must be created with the correct name. If the name correction is made on an un-ticketed booking, it will be identified through the Revenue Integrity Name Change Violation Process and cancelled.

6.      Name corrections are permitted on Etihad Airways tickets (607) with Other Airline (OAL) segments:

          a.      For itineraries involving German rail (Deutsche Bahn) or French rail (SNCF), names can be corrected on the same booking. The ticket must be reissued.

          b.      For itineraries involving Virgin Australia (VA), Air Seychelles (HM) and both prime and codeshare flights marketed by Etihad Airways (607), names can be corrected on the same booking. The ticket must be reissued. Change requests are accepted up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time. For any requests within 24 hours of departure, please create a new booking.

c.      For itineraries involving any other airline, please create a new booking and reissue the ticket. Please refer to procedure section for more information.

7.       As long as passport copies are provided, the following name changes are permitted:


a)      Genuine typing errors (up to three characters)



b)      Title amendments



c)      Maiden name to married name (or vice versa)



d)      Juxtaposing of surname/first name



e)      Shortened/nick name to full name



f)       Addition of middle name*



g)      Addition of surname*



h)      Complete/partial name change for the same guest with proof from authorities (e.g. Deed Poll)



*Both surname and middle names should be present in the passport





1.       Contact Etihad to make the name correction – make sure that you have the applicable documents.

2.      Where fees apply, make the payment in cash or by credit card. You may also issue an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) with RFISC 98J, stating the reason as Name Correction in the endorsement field.

3.      Etihad will verify the documents and payment then correct the name on the booking. Once the name is corrected by Etihad, the new name will appear on your reservation system and you may reissue the ticket. This applies to itineraries involving Etihad Airways (607) tickets with Etihad-operated and marketed flights.

4.      Reissue the ticket with endorsement showing “TKT REISSUED FOR NAME CORR”.

5.      If there is a date change, a penalty fee will apply as per the fare rules.

6.      If name corrections are made without an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD), an Agent Debit Memo (ADM) of US $100* or equivalent will be raised against the booking/ticketing office/travel agency that has made the change (*AU $150 for point of sale Australia).

7.       When a name correction is requested on an EY (607) ticket involving any other airline (OAL):

a)      Create a new booking (PNR) with the correct name on available RBDs. Do not attempt to correct names on the original booking when other airline segments (except VA, HM and rail) are involved.

b)      Travel agents must approach an EY ticketing office or Contact Centre to issue the EMD.

c)      Reissue the original ticket with the correct name on the new PNR with the applicable fare difference (if any). Current fares must be used to reprice.

d)      Cancel the old booking (PNR).


Change fees    


Date change penalties apply only if there is a change in the flight itinerary. Global service fees (if applicable) will be collected in addition to the name correction fee if there is a date change and the ticket is being reissued by Etihad Airways. Name corrections/changes on group bookings also require a fee of US $100.


Name correction and associated EMDs


When a name correction is made on a booking, the associated EMD will disassociate from the booking. Name corrections on the associated EMD should only be made by Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways must verify the EMD for name correction fees and reissue the VCR for the modified booking. Once the name is corrected, the EMD should be re-associated to the guest’s name.



A guest is considered a no-show if they fail to show up at the airport one hour before the scheduled departure time of their flight. All bookings must be cancelled, reissued or refunded at least one hour before the scheduled flight departure time to avoid a no-show.





From 13 June 2019, no-show guests are permitted to travel on their onward flight without any change in fare provided they inform Etihad Airways within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time of the unused flight.


Applicable for guests who have:


·         Missed or did not use the first flight of a round trip itinerary

·         Missed the first flight of a multi-leg itinerary having stopovers over 12 hours


Guests must be travelling on tickets sold in Europe, the UK or the US through, ticket offices, Etihad Contact Centre or Travel Agencies.


If the departure time of the next flight is within 24 hours, please inform us at least two hours before the departure time of the next flight. Failure to do so will result in the remaining reservations being cancelled. If the guest wishes to rebook, subject to availability of seats, they will be charged the difference between the original ticket and the highest fare in the same class of travel, applicable to the modified itinerary at the time that the ticket is reissued. If the fare rules of the original ticket are more favourable to the guest, they will be applied.


How to contact Etihad Airways


Get in touch with Etihad by calling:


UK: +44 (0)345 6081225

US: +1 (0)877 690 0767

EU: Find the contact number for your country here. 



Automated Refund (AER) allows the refund of sale documents such as paper tickets, Virtual Coupon Records (VCR), Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO), Vouchers and Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD).


Below are the key points to check before you start the refund process:

  • Always view the VCR before processing the refund.
  • Check if the original VCR is refundable/non-refundable. For reissued VCRs, apply the refund rules of the original VCR. When a non-refundable fare is combined with a refundable fare, the whole VCR is non-refundable. When two different fares are combined, apply the highest refund penalty.
  • For non-refundable tickets, only government levied taxes are refunded. Fuel surcharge (YQ) is non-refundable for such tickets, except for tickets issued in the UK, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the Nordics (consists of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden and their associated territories, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Aland). Date change penalties, service fees and insurance are non-refundable.
  • Refund of VCR coupons used out of sequence is not permitted.
  • Contact centres must direct guests to Ticketing Offices when form of payment involves cash.
  • Refund validity:
    • Completely unused - One year from the date of issue of the original ticket.
      E.g. if a guest issues a return ticket on 29Jun15, he has to refund his ticket on / before 29Jun16.
    • Partially used - One year from the date of first outbound travel, provided the outbound travel has commenced within one year from the date of issue of the original VCR.
    • E.g. if a ticket is issued on 29Mar15 and guest has travelled outbound on 27Mar16, he may refund on / before 27Mar17.
    • One-year validity shall mean one year from the date of issue or the date of commencement of travel, as applicable, to the corresponding date in the subsequent year (unless specified differently in fare rules).


Key actions:

  • Check for cancellation penalty, if any.
  • Apply service fee for all refund transactions.
  • Calculate the used fare and taxes for partially used tickets.
  • Inform guest of the refund amount.
  • Cancel air segments after processing the refund.
  • Update historical remarks with the reason for cancellation (for involuntary refunds).
  • A no-show fee is automatically applied by the system according to fare filing when a refund is done using AER. The no-show fee is dependent on the date on the VCR coupon. Even if the itinerary is cancelled before departure, the system recognises it as a no-show. Agents are advised to check the history of the PNR to make sure that it is an actual no-show before charging the guest. If it is not a no-show, the agents will have to deduct the no-show fee before refunding the VCR.
  • A Refund Penalty is automatically applied by the system according to fare filing when a refund is done using AER. If not, the agent gets a pop-up asking to check for applicable penalties, which requires the agent to look at the fare rules and manually update the fee.
  • A Refund Service Fee is applicable for all refunds (exceptions are listed in the Global Service Fee document). This is applied according to the station that services the VCR. At the contact centre, the agent will decide upon the service fee based on the station of commencement of the journey. The Refund Service Fee has to be manually added to the refund transaction as ‘Other Fee’.
  • For any reason, if a travel agency issued ticket needs to be refunded by an EY office, manually add the commission amount to the “Other Fee” box, while refunding.


For death cases, travel agencies have to raise an email request with the nearest Sales Office in the region along with a copy of the death certificate. Once the waiver is approved, a token number will be provided which must be updated along with the request for refund in BSP application by the travel agent. 


This document addresses the policy for dates of return travel that fall beyond 331 days ahead.



Bookings on Etihad Airways can be made for flight departures up to 331 days in the future. In order to facilitate journeys which commence within this period but have onward/inbound dates that fall outside 331 days from the date of booking, Etihad Airways shall permit one date change free of charge to facilitate the actual onward/inbound return dates once those dates become available in the booking system.  

The text below shall be added in the CAT16 rule data for such fares:




Reservation and Ticketing Agents need to book the last available date in the system and add a remark in the PNR with the traveller’s return date agreed at the time of booking. The return date can be changed to the pre-notified date when it becomes available, within booking range and in the same RBD free of charge (FOC). Fare differences will apply if any other date is booked and/or the original RBD not used or available. You must advise the guest accordingly at the time of original booking.

From 1 October 2019, Etihad Airways will introduce a time limit on all travel agency booking that have been changed but not re-issued or revalidated.


If the flight number, routing or date of a ticketed booking change, we will automatically send an SSR notification to the person who made the booking, stating the time limit within which the ticket must be reissued or revalidated, in accordance with the fare rules.


If you do not reissue or revalidate the ticket within the requested time limit, the booking will be cancelled.


The time limit to reissue or revalidate tickets is as follows:


Changes Made

Time Limit

30 days or more before departure

7 days after booking

7-29 days before departure

3 days after booking

3-6 days before departure

12 hours after booking

0-3 days before departure

4 hours after booking




This document aims to explain the definition of validity of a Virtual Coupon Record (VCR), or ticket.



Except as otherwise provided in the Virtual Coupon Record (VCR) or in applicable fare rules (which may limit the validity of a ticket, in which case the limitation will be shown on the ticket), a VCR, or ticket, is valid for:


1)    One year from the date of issue of the original ticket, if completely unused. For instance, if a guest issues a return ticket on 29 March 2016, they must commence their outbound travel before 29 March 2017.


2)    One year from the date of first outbound travel provided the outbound travel has commenced within one year from the date of issue of the original VCR. For instance, if a ticket is issued on 29 March 2016 and the guest has travelled outbound on 29 March 2017, they must return before 27 March 2018.


3)    Reissuance of a fully unused ticket does not change the validity: the validity of the original ticket applies. For instance, if a guest issues a return ticket on 29 March 2016, and reissues the ticket on 30 March 2016, they must commence their outbound travel before 29 March 2017 and return before 29 March 2018. The date of issue of the original ticket is always shown on the reissued ticket.


One-year validity shall mean one year from the date of issue or the date of commencement of travel, as applicable, to the corresponding date in the subsequent year (unless specified differently in fare rules).



In case the guest is denied boarding at the airport because they are deemed unfit for travel, then the below policy shall apply:


If, after having commenced carriage, a guest is prevented from travelling within the validity period of their ticket or VCR because of illness, the validity may be extended until the date when the guest becomes fit to travel or until the first flight after such date from the point where the journey is resumed, on which space is available in the class of service for which the fare has been paid. Such illness must be attested to by a medical certificate. When the flight coupons remaining in the VCR or ticket involve one or more stopovers, the validity may be extended for up to three months from the date shown on the certificate. In such circumstances, we will similarly extend the period of validity of tickets of other members of immediate family accompanying the guest.


In the event of death of a guest en-route, the tickets of accompanying guests may be modified by Etihad Airways either by waiving the minimum stay or extending the validity. In the event of a death in the immediate family of a guest who has commenced carriage, the validity of the VCR or ticket and those of the immediate family* who are accompanying the guest may likewise be modified. Any such modification shall be made upon receipt of a valid death certificate or other evidence satisfactory to Etihad Airways and any such extension of validity shall not be for a period longer than forty-five (45) days from the date of the death.


*Immediate family member - spouse, children (including adopted and religious children), parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grand-children, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law.



The 24 Hours Cooling-off Period policy now extends to Canada and all countries within the European Union.


The policy now applies to:

1)    US

2)    India

3)    Canada

4)    European Union (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom)


Applicable to new bookings only, the policy allows guests to change or cancel their booking without charge, subject to the following conditions:

·         Applicable only for new bookings

·         The ticket has been purchased seven days or more ahead of the flight departure date

·         The request for a refund has been made within 24 hours of issuing the ticket

·         The ticket was purchased through one of the following channels:

                o   Etihad Airways office in an eligible country (US, India, Canada, EU)

                o   Travel agency in an eligible country (US, India, Canada, EU)

                o   Etihad Airways Contact Centre in an eligible country (US, India, Canada, EU)

                o with an eligible country IP address (our eServices team will verify the IP address)


All fare rules have been updated to automatically apply the policy for cancellations within 24 hours. To reissue a ticket, the waiver must be applied manually.


Waiver code C24 must be used to indicate the override. For reissues, the code must be entered in the tour code box. For refunds, the code must be updated as a historical remark in the PNR.


New bookings

Every guest must be made aware of Etihad’s 24-hour cooling off policy at the time of booking. Make sure to update the PNR with “Guest advised of 24 hour policy”.



Tickets can be changed without charge within 24 hours of being issued, so long as the ticket has been booked at least seven days in advance. You can make more than one change within 24 hours of the original ticket being issued.

Any difference in fare must be settled by the guest.



Cancelled tickets can be fully refunded within 24 hours of being issued, so long as the ticket has been booked at least seven days in advance.

Payments must be refunded to the original form of payment and processed within 24 hours.


Always enter the code C24 in:


·         Tour code box when the ticket is reissued

·         Remarks in PNR when the refund is processed through GDS

·         Remarks in PNR when the refund is applied through the BSP link (refunds through BSP must be applied within 24 hours of the ticket being issued)


Follow the below rules if you need to refund non-refundable taxes with C24:



Tax Code




Non-refundable after ticket issuance

Saudi Arabia


Non-refundable after ticket issuance



Non-refundable after 30 days of ticket issuance. Can be refunded while applying C24



Non-refundable for non-refundable fares, but can be refunded while applying C24



Non-refundable, but can be refunded while using C24


Any Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) issued for an ancillary service can be refunded provided the ancillary is issued with the ticket (on the same day).


If Global service Fee (GSF) was charged, it has to be refunded using the compensation voucher process.


Refunds may take at least seven working days to be credited.