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Touchless travel to and from the US

02 November 2022, 01:00 PM


Touchless travel to and from the US:

We’ve introduced biometric facial scanners at our boarding gates for a seamless, quicker boarding experience when your customers fly from Abu Dhabi to the US.


With touchless boarding, there’s no need to present a passport or boarding pass. When guests see the green light, they’ll all set to fly.


Available on flights to the US from Abu Dhabi, and flights from JFK to Abu Dhabi.


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Clear US immigration in Abu Dhabi - the only CBP pre-clearance facility in the Middle East:
With our US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility in Terminal 3, your customers can clear US immigration before they even board their flight in Abu Dhabi.


With all the checks out of the way before they fly, passengers can simply pick up their bags and go when they land in the US.


It’s the fastest and simplest way to travel to the US for a seamless arrival experience, exclusive to Etihad.