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Urgent action required - Open-dated tickets

03 March 2023, 01:00 PM


Before 8 March - please action any PNRs that require ticket reissuance to ensure that e-tickets remain associated to migrated PNRs in Amadeus Altéa PSS after cutover.


With immediate effect, tickets MUST NOT be kept open-dated.


Please issue or exchange any e-tickets, EMDs and make upgrade requests for your customers as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience during our systems switch.


Bookings with un-synchronised tickets are causing a negative impact to ongoing data migration activities for PSS.


It is essential that our travel partners rebook and reissue tickets before 8 March.


All existing un-synchronised bookings should be exchanged or cancelled on an urgent basis. 


Failure to update or action open-dated tickets will mean the existing booking details will not be migrated to Amadeus.


Find the latest information on our systems switch at


Thank you in advance for your support so that we can provide a smooth transition for your customers.