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End of codeshare with Malaysia Airlines - action required

05 September 2022, 10:38 AM


Effective from 29 October 2022, the codeshare agreement between Etihad Airways (EY) and Malaysia Airlines (MH) will end. As a result, from 30 October 2022, select Malaysia Airlines services will no longer carry an Etihad flight number.


Passengers travelling with Etihad will still be able to transfer directly onto Malaysian Airlines flights from Kuala Lumpur on the same ticket. Connecting flights can still be booked through the interline agreement which remains in place across both EY and MH, on Etihad tickets.


Existing EY*MH bookings held after 30 October 2022 will be impacted when the codeshare termination is processed in the coming days:

We are working together with MH to rebook passengers on the same MH flight as originally purchased, as an interline booking. 


For bookings made direct via Etihad web and Contact Centre channels, Etihad customer teams will re-issue impacted tickets. 


Action required for agent/indirect bookings:

Agents will need to take action to update and re-issue tickets once notification messages are received through the GDS.


Re-accommodation activity will commence this week and may take some days to complete.


Thank you for your continued support.