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Commercial Waiver Policy for Bahrain Name Correction

06 September 2023, 12:45 PM

Etihad Airways is offering options for name correction of last name for Bahraini passports.


All names corrections can be made only by Etihad Airways contact centre.


All tickets issued on 607 documents for name correction of last name for passports being renewed for Bahrainis by the NPRA (Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs) under the Ministry of Interior, Bahrain.



  • Ticket should be reissued on or before 31 October 2023 with name correction.
  • Ticket should be reissued to the same departure date. In case of any date change, a change penalty will apply.
  • Rebooking permitted on EY ops EY* or same carrier** and RBD as booked originally
  • No fare difference to be charged for tickets reissued in the same RBD as the original booking
  • Fare difference to be collected for all other scenarios.
  • A No show fee applies when the guest(s) book a flight that operates and is a no-show. 
  • Please ensure the PNR is updated with the remark  “CW005-2023 for Bahrainis name correction



  • There is no waiver for refunds and the fare rule should be used to process the refund if requested
  • Please ensure the PNR is updated with the remark  “CW005-2023 for Bahrainis name correction


* Name corrections can be made directly in the original booking if all flights in the itinerary are purely EY operated on an EY (607) ticket.

**When a name correction is requested on an EY (607) ticket involving any other airline (OAL) below process to be followed.


a) Create a new booking (PNR) with the correct name on available RBDs. Do not attempt to correct names on the original booking when other airline segments are involved.

b)  EMD can be issued by Etihad Airways or Travel agent. Post name correction by Etihad, as a Travel agent, you can reissue the ticket. If you wish Etihad to reissue the ticket, then GSF will apply.

c)  Reissue the original ticket with the correct name on the new PNR with the applicable fare difference (if any). Current fares must be used to reprice.

d) Cancel the old booking (PNR).