21 May 2020

Etihad Credit

Last updated Thursday 21 May 2020 at 10:30am UAE

Please follow these guidelines to help guests impacted by COVID-19.  Please refer to our Commercial Wavier policy for eligibility criteria. 


Immediate action:

1.    Cancel Guest Booking

2.    Inform the Guest of the value of credit available

3.    Ideally, keep PNR live during the rebooking period to simplify the process. If not, create a new booking when the guest decides to travel again.

4.    The value of the ticket will be held in the GDS for future use


Etihad Credit FAQs


Option 1- Exchange a ticket for Etihad Credit Bonus Value (Exchange ticket)

The fare shown in the newly reissued ticket must be the current fare for the new trip. The bonus credit will be deducted from any additional collection.

To exchange a ticket with Bonus Credit:

1. Cancel the booking and keep it live by using ‘OTH’, ‘RU’ or equivalent entry with a future date such as 30 September 2020

2. When the guest is ready for rebooking, book new flights. The new flights can be on original or different routing

3. Price new flights with current fares, taxes, fees and surcharges 

4. Convert the Bonus Credit value into your local currency

5. Compare total price of original ticket and new price 

6. Deduct the Bonus Credit value from the additional collection amount (ADC)

7. Endorse the ticket with “COVID19-Exchange with Bonus Credit EYxxx/xxx” and include the cancelled flight and date

8. Tickets where the new price is equal or lower than original price are not eligible for the Etihad Credit bonus at the moment. 

9. EMDs issued for ancillaries can be reassociated to new ticket after the ticket is reissued.


Option 2 – Issuing Etihad Credit Bonus Value – (Refund and issue new ticket)

1. Create a new booking and issue a fresh ticket as per the guest’s preference deducting the Bonus Credit (if applicable)

2. Endorse the ticket with “COVID19-Ticket Exchange followed by old ticket number”.

E.g.: COVID19-TICKET EXCHANGE 6071234123123

3. Request for a refund of the old ticket through BSP giving the reference of the new ticket. Where the amount of the new ticket price is equal or lower than original price plus bonus value, we will not refund that additional value.

4. Agents using ARC can fill up the Refund Application form with the details of the new ticket and send to EtihadRefunds@etihad.ae

5. The new ticket name should match the old ticket.

6. EMDs  issued for ancillaries can be reassociated to new ticket after the ticket is reissued.


Details about Bonus Credit 

• Etihad Bonus Credit applies to guests holding Etihad Airways tickets (607) issued on or before 16 April 2020.

• Etihad Bonus Credit is based on original ticketed journey.

• It is not possible to use automated reissue processes such as AER or ATC for this process. Price should be manually stored.

• Rebooking & reticketing should take place prior to 30 September 2020 and outbound travel should be prior to 31 August 2021.

• If the ADC is higher than the Bonus Credit value then reduce the ADC by the Bonus Credit value and collect the remainder of the ADC from the Guest.

• If the ADC required for the new ticket is less than the Bonus Credit value then the ADC should be reduced to zero. There is no residual carry over due to technical capability.

• Etihad standard ticket validity rules can be ignored for this Policy providing the booking and ticketing period shown here is followed.

• No-show fees are waived when using this Policy.

• Guests who have already cancelled their journey and hold their ticket as credit for later use can take advantage of this Policy. 

• Tickets that have already been exchanged or refunded cannot take advantage of this Policy. However, already exchanged tickets that come for a second exchange are eligible for Bonus Credits.


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