26 March 2020

Etihad Credit


How does Etihad Credit work?


Etihad Credit gives all Etihad Airways guests the option to cancel their booking and use the value of their unused ticket as credit towards their next trip.

Valid on all unused Etihad Airways tickets scheduled for departure on or before 30 June 2020. For partially used tickets where the guest’s journey has already started, please see details below.


How to issue Etihad Credit

  • Cancel the guest’s booking.
  • Inform the guest of the value of credit available. (i.e. the value of the ticket)
  • Ideally, keep the PNR live during the rebooking period to make the process as simple as possible. This can be done using an OTH sector or equivalent GDS functionality. When completed, the value of the ticket and booking will be held in the GDS for future use.
  • When the guest is ready to rebook, open the original booking and add the new flight sectors requested.
  • Ticket exchange must be completed before 30 September 2020 and start travel by 31 July 2021.
  • Use the automatic exchange tools such as ATC/AER or equivalent to reprice the itinerary.
  • If automated pricing does not work, manually price ignoring the original fare rules (if already expired), ensuring the value of the old tickets is used towards the rebooked fare/itinerary.
  • Override the change fee to zero and collect the fare difference if applicable.
  • When issuing the ticket, include “COVID19” in the Endorsement Field.
  • This process is valid for all ticket types including Net Fares.
  • EMDs issued for original booking can be re-associated to new dates as long as there is no route change. If there is a route change, the original EMD must be put for refund through the Refund Application (RA) and a new EMD must be issued. RA must clearly state ETIHAD TRAVEL CREDIT REISSUE and also the new EMD number on BSP link.

View our Etihad Credit FAQs

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