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The Etihad Academy has everything you need to help your guests get their journey off to a flying start, from booking extra baggage to reserving the perfect spot on board.

Here you can also learn more about our home, Abu Dhabi, and explore the unique activities and experiences that our vibrant city has to offer.


We’ll keep updating this page with new courses, so remember to pop back regularly to stay up to date with the latest learnings.



Products & Services - 1


Learn about the products and services available to guests before they start their journey.


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Products & Services - 2


Learn more about the Etihad Economy experience and the improvements we've made to our cabins to offer more choice and better value.

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Products & Services - 3


We know that the guest journey continues long after their flight. Find out more about the rest of Etihad Airways’ products and services. 

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AUH Stopover


Learn quick facts about Abu Dhabi and identify the Abu Dhabi Stopover products, and the activities guests can do in the city as part of their journey.

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Holidays Booking Portal


A one-stop shop allows you to book our guests on various options of fun activities from the perfect getaway package to Abu Dhabi Stopovers. Check out the course to learn more. 

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Learn about SuperSeller, our incentive programme for frontline travel agents on how to earn and redeem miles for flights and other items from the Rewards Shop or convert them into cash.


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BusinessConnect is our loyalty incentive programme for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). If you are an agent dealing with SMEs, learn about the programme and how to help its members earn miles.

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About Etihad


In this module, you will find out more about Etihad Aviation Group and the airline's history, facts, highlights and the main touch points.

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Explore the key ancillaries to promote and sell to our guests. You will also find a GDS guide providing entries to book the different ancillaries in your system, and an ancillaries guide with prices.

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Selling Abu Dhabi


Discover the attractions that our home - Abu Dhabi - has to offer our guests. Whether as a stopover or as a final destination, learn and explore the many options Abu Dhabi has to offer your guests.

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