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Unvaccinated travel to the Philippines

10 February 2022, 03:37 PM


We welcome the decision of the authorities to open up travel to the Philippines for fully vaccinated foreign visitors from 10 February 2022. Airline passenger caps are no longer applicable for this category of travellers.


However, in line with government guidelines, there is a limit on the number of unvaccinated passengers that we can carry to Manila.


For Filipino nationals who are not vaccinated with full dose(s) of an approved vaccine at least 15 days before travel

  • Customers will need to email us to book as there are a limited number of seats per flight for unvaccinated guests.
  • Email to book.


For your customers who are booked on an Etihad flight AUHMNL from 10 February 2022

  • If booked guests are not vaccinated or do not hold an approved vaccine, they must let us know as soon as possible by emailing quoting their booking reference.
  • Note: fully vaccinated guests must present proof of their approved vaccine at the time of airport check-in, or via Verified to Fly.
  • We rely on your support in reaching out to your booked guests as there are caps on the number of unvaccinated guests we are permitted to carry by the authorities.


Guests should also ensure they meet the latest visa and passport regulations before they fly to Manila which can be found on the IATA Travel Centre.