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Route cancellations and available options for guests

19 May 2021, 08:15 AM


With additional route cancellations and suspensions announced, please check the updated list of rebooking options with approved carriers. These options should be offered to the guest only if there are suitable connections available.


*For carriers where RBD is not highlighted, settlement is only on the Economy RBD.


If the above rebooking options are not suitable to the guest, the unused portion of the ticket may be refunded.  This is not applicable for staff, group, redemption or Free of Charge (FOC) tickets.


Tickets reissued involuntarily must be endorsed with INVOL followed by the reason for reissue in the endorsement box (e.g. INVOL REISSUE DUE FLIGHT CANCELLATION). Failure to do so will result in ADM (Agent Debit Memo).


Effective immediately for all route cancellations, please check that the same RBD is available on the flight you’d like to rebook. This should be as per the existing ticket.


If the same RBD is available:

  • Reissue the ticket without any charges
  • Bookings on other airlines (OAL) must be made in the preferred RBDs in the same cabin


If the same RBD is not available:

  • Charge the fare difference when you reissue the ticket
  • If the system is not pricing the new itinerary for reissue, offer a refund to the original FOP as per our commercial waiver policy
  • You can also reissue the ticket within the same zone as per our commercial waiver policy


For example, if a guest was scheduled to travel AUH-LAX on L RBD and they’d like now to fly EY to JFK connecting to LAX on American Airlines (AA), you have the following options:


  • If L RBD is available on the AUH-JFK flight, reissue the ticket with no charge, and rebook the lowest available RBD in the same cabin for JFK-LAX flight, as per the attached.
  • If L RBD is not available on the AUH-JFK flight, price the reservation and charge the fare difference.