Return to UK - Alternate Options

10 February 2021, 01:30 PM


Effective 10 February 2021, guests who purchased their ticket in the UK and have already travelled outbound but who’s return flight has been cancelled have the option to:


  • Rebook for a future Etihad Airways flight
  • For travel on/before 20Mar21, where no alternative EY flight is operating on their preferred travel date, rebook from Abu Dhabi (AUH) to another EY online airport and use one of the following options to get to the final destination. Bookings on other airlines (OAL) must be made in the lowest available RBD in the same cabin.
    • EY to FRA/MUC connecting to LHR/MAN on Lufthansa (LH)  
    • EY to ZRH/GVA connecting to LHR/MAN on Swiss Air (LX)    
    • EY to DUB connecting to LHR/MAN on Aer Lingus (EI)  
    • EY to AMS connecting to LHR/MAN on KLM (KL)  
    • EY to CDG connecting to LHR/MAN on Air France (AF)  


If the rebooking options are not suitable to the guest, unused portion of the ticket may be refunded.


Tickets reissued involuntarily must be endorsed with INVOL followed by the reason for reissue in the endorsement box (e.g. INVOL REISSUE DUE FLIGHT CANCELLATION). Failure to do so will result in ADM (Agent Debit Memo).