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You can now process refunds through your GDS

25 August 2020, 09:00 AM

From 25 August 2020, automated refunds through all Global Distribution Systems (GDS) will be re-activated. You’ll also be able to process refunds for e-tickets and EMDs through your GDS too.

We understand you might have some questions, so we’ve answered a few of them below.

I’ve already submitted a Refund Application (RA) via the BSP link. What should I do now?
Our team will still process your Refund Application, or if you’d prefer to, you can simply delete the RA and process the refund in your GDS.

I’ve processed a refund through the GDS but forgot to delete the request in ARC. What happens now?
You don’t have to do anything else, we’ll just reject the refund application so that it isn’t duplicated.

What happens if I process a refund incorrectly, or the refund is duplicated?
We will raise an ADM to correct the refund and recover the excess payment if necessary. Admin fees will apply.

Please make sure you follow the refund rules as stipulated by our fare rules and commercial waivers.

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