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New policy for connecting segments on Air Seychelles (HM)

09 September 2021, 02:16 PM

Effective immediately, a new policy applies for all bookings that contain a connecting segment on Air Seychelles (HM).


Ticketed bookings


For ticketed bookings, you have three options:


Option 1: Reissue the ticket in the same cabin to include Etihad Airways (EY) online segments only.  For instance, an original ticket AUH-EY-SEZ-HM-PRI may be reissued to AUH-SEZ.


Option 2: If a lower fare is available on the AUH-SEZ sector, the guest may request a full refund of the original ticket and issue a new ticket for AUH-SEZ.


Option 3: Offer a full refund.


 Un-ticketed bookings


For un-ticketed bookings, please follow the process below:


  1. Cancel the original booking
  2. Create a new booking
  3. Price EY and HM segments separately
  4. Issue the ticket for EY segments on EY stock
  5. Issue the ticket for HM segments on HM stock 

This option is not available to agents using Sabre.