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Cancellation of Jet Airways (9W) services

18 April 2019, 10:00 AM

Due to the suspension of 9W services Etihad is taking measures to rebook Etihad guests impacted by this.

Etihad Airways offers the following options for guests booked on EY tickets (607) with flights operated by Jet Airways. This applies to all valid tickets purchased from any Point of Sale (POS) at anytime.


Change / rerouting


This policy applies to guests with Etihad Airways (607) issued tickets, including EY flights operated by 9W and 9W flights (Interline documents):


·         Rebooking to be made in the lowest RBD within the same cabin using EY flights only. Guests should be booked on Etihad operated flights wherever possible.

·         For domestic flights within India, rebooking should be made on Air India (AI) services. Rebooking for domestic sectors on AI must be made from the lowest to highest available RBD in the same cabin in the following order – “L/ G / W” for economy cabin and “J” for Business cabin.

·         Rebooking for International sector on AI, must be made from the lowest to highest available RBD in the same cabin in the following order – “W/V/Q” for economy cabin and “D” for Business cabin. e.g. DAC-AI -CCU -EY-AUH

·         Date change fees and the fare difference must be waived for this one instance only.

·         Rerouting and endorsement onto any other airlines other than mentioned in this policy is not permitted.

·         Any transportation or additional costs are at the guest’s own expense.

·         Out of sequence usage of ticket is not permitted. Ticket has to be reissued to reflect the applicable routing if the domestic sectors are not being used.


Cancellation / refund


·         Refunds are permitted without charge where ant travel segment has been impacted by the cancellation, even if the ticket has been partially used.

·         Refunds on partially used tickets must be calculated on a pro-rata basis of miles flown.

·         The above policy is also applicable for group bookings.

·         Refunds may be process by travel agents or any Etihad office.



For Guests holding 9W tickets with EY operated flights:


With immediate effect EY will not accept guests holding 9W tickets that have EY operated flights as part of the ticket. These guests should be referred back to their travel agent or 9W offices.


Exception – Guests who are already in transit can be accepted on EY operations.


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