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Flight Disruption Policy for Agents

30 December 2018, 10:00 AM

Flight Disruption is categorised into 3 types due to the difference in the handling process.


a)    Uncontrolled Disruptions / Irregular Operations

Flight changes within 72 hours of the operations window are known as Irregular Operations. A few scenarios that cause these events are:

Ø  Natural calamities (floods, volcanic eruptions, adverse weather conditions, cyclones etc.)

Ø  Political / industrial strikes due to which operations have been impacted

Ø  Flight diversions


·         For disruptions caused by technical or, medical reasons, or an event which impacts the flight operations for 1 day only, re bookings will be handled exclusively by Etihad Airways Guest Control.  


b)   Planned Schedule Changes:

A Schedule Change refers to the airline changing the scheduled departure time, date or  flight number or the cancellation of a particular flight between the date of issue (or booking) and the actual travel date.

A planned Schedule Change takes place more than 72 hours (outside operation window) prior to flight departure. Commercial waivers are issued only when the schedule change deviates from the Standard Scheduled Change policy.

Some examples of planned changes:

Ø  Schedule changes

Ø  Route cancellation

Ø  Flight cancellation

Ø  Frequency reduction

Ø  Equipment changes


Rebooking policy

1)    For itineraries involving only Etihad, operated (607 document) segments, rebook on another EY flight between the cities shown on the ticket (entire O&D).

2)    For itineraries involving Etihad (EY) and Etihad codeshare (EY*), rebook on another EY or EY & EY* or EY & Interline flights between the cities shown on the ticket (entire O&D).

3)    For itineraries involving Etihad and Interline (OAL), rebook on another EY or Interline flights between the cities shown on the ticket (entire O&D). 

4)    Rebooking must be done on the same RBD or lowest available RBD in the same cabin in which the guest was originally booked without any additional charges.

a.    All re-bookings or re-accommodations are subject to seat availability on flights and must be done within 07 days of the date of operation recommencement.

b.    Guests are either booked to the same destination or the closest airport within the same country /region on EY operated network. During instances where guests accept a rerouting to an alternative airport, the guest needs to make their own arrangements to get to their destination. No hotel accommodation, air transfer or surface transportation will be provided in between the alternate airport and the guests’ final destination.

¨       For example, in the case of an AUH - LHR flight rebooked to AUH - MAN due to bad weather, the guest will have to make their own arrangements to/from LHR

c.    Any reissuance fees associated with date change or rerouting shall be waived for the first instance only. For any subsequent changes, the fare rules will be applied.  However, the waiver policy may be applied for any additional changes which may occur due to non-recommencement of operations at the affected airport

d.    Re-routing and endorsement onto any other airlines are not permitted

e.    If rebooked within one month of the schedule change, the ticket is reissued without any charges.

f.    If rebooked more than one month of the schedule change notification and the original class of booking is not available, reissue the ticket charging the fare difference as per fare rule. No change penalty applies.


5)    Guest holding separate documents: rebook the guest at the earliest opportunity on an Etihad airways flight or partner carrier in the same RBD or lowest available RBD in the same cabin in which the guest was originally booked only for the portion of journey mentioned on the Etihad ticket without additional charge.

6)    All tickets impacted during the said period must be involuntarily reissued with the endorsement box/PNR indicating the reason, for e.g. “INVOL CHANGE DUE UK BAD WEATHER (the underline text can be updated as per the situation)

7)    The above process is also applicable for Group bookings.


Refund policy

8)    Refunds may be offered depending on the utilization of the ticket:

o   For completely unused tickets: refund the entire amount including all taxes, fees and surcharges. Refunds are permitted free of charge as long as there are travel segments which fall within the impacted period.

o   For partially used tickets (return fare): refund the unused portion of the ticket with no penalty or administration fee along with the unused taxes.

o   For partially used tickets (through fare): if the guest has utilized only one leg of the journey, refund the unused portion of the ticket calculated on a pro-rate basis plus the unused taxes.

o   Unused/ unfulfilled ancillary EMDs must be refunded.

o    Guests may contact their booking office through whom the original ticket was purchased to process the refund.


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