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Cancellation of Chengdu flights

12 March 2020, 10:00 AM

All Etihad Airways services to/from Chengdu will be permanently cancelled from 1 July 2020.


Rebooking / reissue


For partially used tickets, rebooking / rerouting is available as per the following options:


  • On 3U via ICN / HKT / BKK / / KTM /SIN / NRT v.v. (for instance, AUH –EY - KTM–3U - CTU)
  • On CA via PEK / BKK / KTM / SEL / SIN / TYO v.v. (for instance, AUH -EY - NRT– CA-CTU)
  • On OZ via SEL v.v. (for instance, AUH -EY-SEL-OZ-CTU)
  • On NH via TYO v.v. (for instance, AUH-EY- NRT-NH-CTU)


Rebooking must be done on the original RBD or the lowest available RBD in the same cabin.


Change fees will be waived in this one instance only. Any subsequent changes will be subject to normal reissue fees. Rerouting and endorsement onto other airlines is not permitted unless mentioned in the waiver.


Cancellation / refund


Refunds are permitted without charge whether the ticket has been unused or partially used as long as at least one of the travel segments are impacted by this cancellation. 


Refunds on partially used tickets must be calculated based on pro-rata mileage flown.


The above policy also applies to group bookings.

Please ensure the PNR is updated with: " Invol change due to CTU Route Cancellation”.

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