Etihad Hub NDC

Etihad Connect

Welcome to Etihad Connect: a platform dedicated to the Etihad Airways NDC (New Distribution Capability) programme. 

Through NDC, we're transforming the way to book, sell and manage flights with Etihad Airways, making sure you always find the best travel solution for your customer. 

Why join the Etihad Airways NDC programme?

Developed in partnership with Farelogix Inc. and using the IATA NDC 17.2 Standard, the Etihad Airways NDC programme is IATA NDC Level 4 certified. 

The future of airline distribution

The world of aviation is changing. we know that our trade partners want access to a wider range of products, more dynamic content and simpler communication channels. That's why we've invested in the latest NDC technology to create the Etihad Airways NDC programme. 


The Etihad Airways NDC programme enables us to improve communication to our worldwide trade partners provide a more personalised, seamless experience for you and your customers. Beyond fares and availability, using NDC will also allow us to push out richer content. Etihad Airways aims to provide solutions specifically to meet differing needs of your customers.

Access all Etihad Airways fares, products and services

Deliver a seamless, personalised experience

Drive innovation

Collaborate and communicate

Personalised offerings 

The Etihad Airways NDC programme is able to recognise individual customers and provide personalised offerings that are relevant to them: like special fares and custom ancillary options.


Recognising loyalty

We know that recognising loyalty is essential to customer retention. Etihad Airways NDC is able to offer the best fares and products based on the Etihad Guest Tier status of the customer.

Better value

You'll have direct access to Etihad Airways fares, offers and products, including branded fares and ancillaries. That means you can compare offering based on value for your customers as well as price.

How do I connect to the Etihad Airways NDC programme?

 You can connect through our approved technology partners.

Please register your interest to join the Etihad Airways NDC programme. You’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire, then one of our team will be in touch. 

Access Etihad NDC content by connecting your own technology to our NDC XML API or via an approved technology partner connection.